HERBSVIO High BP Treatment KIT

FACT – High Blood pressure/Hypertension is the major risk factor for kidney failure, ischemic heart disease, stroke, and heart failure.

Get the Herbsvio High BP Treatment Kit Today, and be FREE from High BP troubles.

Normalizes blood pressure with no side effects. Entertain no single doubt.

This is exactly what to drink to lower blood pressure quickly.

If you’ve used any of the Herbsvio products before, then you would testify to the effectiveness of all our herbs.


1 HERBSVIO High BP Treatment KIT – N49,500.

2 HERBSVIO High BP Treatment KITS – N94,000.

KIT contains 4 bottles of Herbsvio High BP Treatment, which is 1 Litre per bottle. AND 25 sachets of Herbsvio High BP Herbal Tea.

We will deliver to you if you’re ready to receive. SERIOUS PATIENTS ONLY.

To order, send a WhatsApp message to 09097206666.


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