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If you're tired of the constant discomfort and endless pains caused by ulcers, then get these herbs now and take.

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Here's what Herbsvio will do for you;

  • Free your body of ulcer pains forever.
  • Destroy the H.Pylori bacterial infection, the known root cause of most stomach ulcers.
  • Naturally heal your stomach lining and intestine.
  • Fight off acid reflux and stomach worms.
  • Cure all forms of chronic ulcers; peptic, gastric, duodenal, esophageal and even mouth ulcers.
  • Help you regain your lost weight and strength.
  • Restore your appetite for favourite foods.
  • Frees you to enjoy any meal you desire without fear - spicy foods included!

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and wake up refreshed, entirely ulcer-free!

Whether you've been from suffering from this stubborn disease for over 30 years or just started battling with it last week, be reassured, this solution will Work For You. 

As testimonies of several patients have indicated, the Herbsvio Permanent Cure For All Ulcers is highly effective in fighting off stubborn ulcers completely.

It's not bitter - just like drinking juice.

No recorded side effects.

Turn up your volume and listen to a former ulcer patient below;

HOWEVER, these herbs will only work for you if;

  1. You've done ulcer test and be very sure that what you have is ulcer.
  2. You always take it on an empty stomach!
  3. You take it exactly the way I tell you; 

 - One full small wine glass cup (100ml) early morning 30 minutes to 1 hour before breakfast;

 - And another glass cup at night 30 minutes to 1 hour after night food.

THAT'S IT! - Do the above 3 things and you're on your way to being FREE from stubborn stomach ulcers forever.

That's a promise.

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Dive deep into the world of stomach ulcers with our comprehensive 'unpublished' 30 pages eBook.

Discover the latest research on H.Pylori bacteria, understand the root causes of stomach ulcers, and learn practical tips for preventing recurrence. This invaluable resource is your ultimate guide to achieving optimal digestive health and reclaiming your quality of life.

It's a digital copy, so once you receive your medication, write us on WhatsApp, and we will send the bonus e-Book to you immediately. Make sure to read it, it's very informative.

3. Free VIP Express Delivery; N5,000 value - You get FREE and fast shipping to your doorstep.

4. Complimentary Consultation with Herbal Expert - N30,000 value: Gain access to personalized guidance and support from our herbal expert. Whether you have questions about the product or need advice on holistic wellness, we're here to empower you every step of the way.

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So, how much is this 'miraculous' solution?

Now, if you calculate the total value of the Herbsvio ulcer treatment package, you'll see it's nothing less than N60,000.

1 bottle of the Herbsvio ulcer cure (1 liter) usually sells for N18,000...

1 Bottle




2 Bottles


(You save N9,000)

3 Bottles


(You save N19,000)

4 Bottles


(You save N38,000)

Ready to say goodbye to the agony of ulcer pains and hello to a brighter, healthier future?

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Imagine your life without the constant pain and discomfort of persistent ulcers.

Now, stop imagining and start living it. 

Just 2 or 3 bottles of this natural ulcer cure can give you FREEDOM from ulcers for life!

What if it takes an extra bottle?

Isn't the promise of permanent healing worth it?

Take advantage of this offer right now and end this whole thing once and for all.

Listen to the feedback of Mrs. NK from Ago, Lagos after taking the Herbsvio ulcer herbs

Mrs. NK. was just like you, caught in the relentless grip of stubborn stomach ulcers.

That was until she discovered the Herbsvio Permanent Cure For Ulcers. With just 4 bottles, she was permanently healed! No more stomach pain, no more discomfort, no more indigestion.

Won't you like to tap into the same healing Mrs. NK found?

Hear what Mr. Odudu from Calabar has to say;

You too can be like Mr. Odudu who ended his frequent heartburns and was able to eat his favorite foods again after taking only 1 bottle.

This is from Helen, Lekki Lagos. Listen to her below.

You can see how happy she is from her voice.

Just like Helen, you too can eliminate the h.pylori bacteria in your system and end the tormenting pains of stomach ulcers permanently with just 2 bottles of these herbs.

This one is actually an order history between us and a lab center in Ago, Lagos. Watch below.

His Grace Medical Laboratories, Ago palace way Okota Lagos.

Enough said.

Don't just settle for this offer—grab it now. Put an end to all kinds of ulcers for good.

Otherwise, you can as well brace yourself for years of endless pain. But why endure when the remedy is right here within your grasp?

You have nothing to lose except your pain and discomfort!

A reminder of what you're getting:

1. Full Supply of our Premium Herbal Formula - 25% Discount.

2. Exclusive Bonus eBook: "Stomach Ulcer Report - All You Need to Know About H.Pylori and Stomach Ulcers" - N30,000 Value.

3. Free VIP Express Delivery; N5,000 value.

4. Complimentary Consultation with Herbal Expert - N30,000 value.

5. Huge discount with more than 1 bottle

6. Payment on Delivery.

7. Exhaustive list of foods and fruits to avoid during treatment, to aid faster healing.

Remember, this is limited-time offer, it won't be here forever. You may come back tomorrow and not find it again or even have to pay more.

Grab your ulcer treatment package by filling the order form below Now.


Payment on Delivery is ONLY available for the below locations.

  • Abuja
  • Lagos
  • Port Harcourt, Rivers state
  • Benin, Edo state
  • Ibadan, Oyo state
  • Owerri, Imo state
  • Aba, Abia state
  • Uyo, Akwa Ibom state
  • Calabar, Cross River state
  • Abakaliki, Ebony state
  • Warri, Delta state
  • Ughelli, Delta state
  • Agbor, Delta state
  • Sapele, Delta state
  • Asaba, Delta state
  • Nnewi, Anambra state
  • Onitsha, Anambra state
  • Awka, Anambra state
  • Yenagoa, Bayelsa state
  • Abeokuta, Ogun state
  • Enugu, Enugu state
  • Akure, Ondo state

So, if you're outside the above-mentioned locations, you'll need to make payment before we can ship your order. 

Don't Fill The Order Form If You Know You're Not Financially Ready Right Now OR Won't Be Around To Receive Your Order

Also, don't place order with another person's phone number (whether your wife, husband or friend; let them know first before filling the order form with their details).

More still, If you need to consult with your doctor or whomever, before taking any medication, do so right now, before you place order.

Please! This is important to avoid unnecessary order cancellations.

Delivery takes 24 to 72 hours max.

Once you place your order, you will get specific instructions on what to do next, so you receive your medication ASAP.

To Order Right Now Before All The Bonuses Are Gone, Fill The Form Below:

Please, crosscheck the number to make sure it's correct
Enter your best email address. so we follow up with your treatment.
Please! Don't submit this order form if you're not ready to receive today or tomorrow and make payment immediately upon delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I know It's Going To Work For Me? My Ulcer is Severe!

As far as it's ulcer you have, and you've done test to confirm, then you'll be healed. There is no doubt whatsoever.

Does It Work For Acid Reflux?


What Type Of Ulcers Does It Cure?

The Herbsvio Ulcer Herbs Cures All Types of Ulcers Permanently; gastric ulcers, peptic ulcers, esophageal ulcers, duodenal ulcers, mouth ulcers, etc.

Does It Work For Bloating?


Can Pregnant Women Take?

No, it's not advisable for pregnant women. So, do not take if you're pregnant.

Can Nursing Mothers Take?

Yes, it's very safe for nursing mothers.

How Do I Know The Ulcer Has Gone Permanently?

It's simple. When you finish taking and all the pains have stopped, go & run ulcer test again to check status.

How Many Bottles Can Cure It Permanently?

The number of bottles needed varies from person to person. This is because we don't know the extent of the ulcer wounds in your stomach lining or small intestine.

You start seeing results as you take and healing is SURE.

Most of our patients were cured with just 2 bottles, while some needed up to 4 bottles or more.

How Do I Take It?

Just 100ml, 2 times daily. In the morning once you wake up, You take the herbs, then wait 30 minutes to 1 hour before taking your breakfast, AND at night, 1 hour after night food.

Usage instructions is written on the label as well.

But not to worry, we will still guide you further on how to use once you receive the HERBSVIO ulcer herbal formula.

Is There Any Guarantee?

The only guarantee you need is to be sure what you have is ulcer. That's all.

If you're sure, then healing is guaranteed.

Got Any Other Question?

Call or Send a WhatsApp message to 09097206666

Calls - 8am - 5pm (Calls outside these hours may not be answered).

WhatsApp Chat- 24 hours (No WhatsApp Calls).

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